The “skinny-fat” epidemic

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I have been doing a lot of research because I want to learn about health and nutrition for my family. I truly am motivated to help the ones closest to me since type 2 Diabetes runs in my family and I do not want anyone else in my to experience this. I have learned everything through trial & error, and an incessant amount of reading. There are so many PERFECT reasons to involve yourself with your health, so here are a few: inactivity can potentially lead to diabetes, or even premature deaths, you can incur more health costs per year due to obesity, taking care of yourself increases your life expectancy, exercise improves your mood, boosts your brain power, and you can attain a significant improvement in your self esteem. Need I say more? Get UP and get moving! 🙂 I had to put the cat over my face since I wasn’t fully ready for this picture 😂😂 anyways, the picture to the left was about 4 weeks ago and the picture to the right was July 2013 on a trip to Puerto Rico with my family. I was externally happy, but I really was not happy with how I looked, “skinny-fat” that is — taking care of yourself improves your mood, your overall wellness & your quality of life. I love catching up with people from high school & them saying “wow you look great girl! You’re so strong!” It’s worth the time in the gym, it’s not easy but nothing easy is EVER worth it 😁💪💦💦👙


body building, Cardio, Health and Fitness, lifestyle

So what is all of the hype about? High-interval intensity training has maaaany benefits to it!

  • It increases your metabolism where you will be burning fat even after leaving the gym for 48 hours, with a complete HIIT routine
  • It’s quick and convenient, with 30-60 seconds of rest in between each exercise (30 minutes or less!)
  • NO equipment is necessary!

-Here’s a quit HIIT workout for you:

  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 25 pushups
  • 45 second burpees
  • 50 high knees
  • 50 jump squats
  • 50 sit-ups
  • 50 dips
  • 60 second plank
  • 50 mountain climbers

I found this great article, if you’re interested in learning more:

Too big, too skinny?

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When I find myself reading through other blogs, looking at Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest about fitness and what is the perfect size, I think to myself that posting these ideal body types can be encouraging but also lead to major setbacks. People are constantly on the attack to bring people down that are doing well for themselves, “you’re too skinny, eat a hamburger!”, “you’re so fat, go to the gym!”, “you look like a man, your muscles are too big!” All of these comments are really hurtful, why can’t someone just build their own body type to their discretion? Recently, I have been trying to build my muscle mass all over, and A LOT of my girl friends have been telling me not to get too big! I’m sorry, but it’s my body, I can decide when to quit building muscle mass and when I want to lean out. It’s not really fair for anyone to say that because we all experience different walks of life and those words are almost jabs to our motivation, a threat that we won’t be “accepted” by the status quo because we are doing something for US. Next time you catch yourself telling your friend what build they should have, STOP! Humble yourself a little, be nice, be happy for us, most importantly, encourage us! 🙂

My mom

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My mom is the greatest woman that I know, and it has always been so hard to see her put everyone else before her own self — I told my mom she is my next mission, and by mission I mean I want to help her turn her health around. My mom has recently had some life changing news that has opened her eyes to some major changes she needs to make. Ever since May 2014 I have become entirely invested in my health because I have seen the effects it has made on my life. I have so much more energy, stamina, peace and happiness surrounding me. My mom has expressed her desire to make some of these awesome changes to improve her health! Since my mom has agreed to change her lifestyle around, taking my advice and becoming my very first client — let’s see Iris lose 20 pounds by May!

Favorite booty exercises?

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I have been hitting the gym hard since June 2014, and I just recently have began to see some results in my glutes – I absolutely love doing squats, deadlifts (also GREAT for your building muscle in your hamstrings), the 45-degree leg press and sumo squats (also for your inner thighs). The weight that I have increased in these exercises has truly made all of the different in my results! What are your favorites?

Why healthy is beautiful

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I read an article the other day, & after reading it, I was seriously bummed out. There are so many magazines & newspapers that are telling us to idolize women that are 70 pounds, and 5’7 or 400 pounds and 5’6 – here is where my frustration is coming from… America has some serious health issues circulating, and we are admiring people for their bad habits. It’s okay to not be able to run 5 miles, and lift 150 pounds — we should be encouraging one another to be taking care of ourselves, THAT’S what matters. Before I began eating well, & exercising regularly, I was exhausted and felt like crap. I think it is important to take care of ourselves so that we can lead a long & healthy life. EVERYONE comes in different shapes & sizes, that is the greatest thing, I’m curvy and I LOVE it! Embrace yourself, but don’t forget to TAKE CARE of yourself.

xxxx Angelis

Favorite workout songs?

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These songs are all extremely different, I love to listen to various types of music & I find myself especially inclined/motivated when I listen to these songs! What are your favorite songs to workout to?

Come Get It Bae- Pharrell Williams

Don’t- Ed Sheeran

Sing- Ed Sheeran

Work it- Missy Elliot

Gangsta- Kat Dahlia

Bamboo Banga- M.I.A. (ahhh perfect for abs!)

Power- Kanye West

Classic- MKTO (Cardio!)

Fight Night- Migos

Sail- Awolnation

Blame- Calvin Harris

Pon De Floor- Major Lazer

Dark Horse- Katy Perry, Juicy J

Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

You’ll Find a Way- Santigold

Need a boost?

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We all know that somedays are harder to get yourself up & get to the gym! You’re probably thinking -“Ahhhhh I can’t do this today, I’m SO tired!” I always have felt that way, I have tried many pre-workout supplements, & VOLT is my absolute #1. My workouts have been absolutely explosive, & once I’m done, I feel ready for bed. Try it, I live by this product!

Currently, me xxx

body building, Fitness, health, Health and Fitness
My most recent “fit” photo, I am working on my eating habits, and have been tracking my macronutrients via MyFitnessPal. I am soo impressed by all of the things I am learning about what I am currently eating and what I used to eat. I HIGHLY recommend using this app, & it’s completely free!

My biggest supporter


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I have to say that my boyfriend is my biggest motivator & supporter, without him I am not sure if I would have kept myself strong for this long. It all started in May 2014, when he encouraged me to do Advocare’s 24 day challenge with him, I lost 15 pounds!!! Then, another great idea of his (of course :P)  was to get a gym membership, so we signed up with Planet Fitness & have been consistent members since June 2014. He has taught me a lot about my eating habits, and has encouraged me to do more research along the way. Thank you for supporting me through my fitness journey, it has definitely turned into OUR fitness journey. Xoxo!!